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Strength Training and the Quick-release Collar - London Strength

Strength Training and the Quick Release Collar

London Strength, the strength community done right - The opening line on our about page. Kristian founded London Strength to bring together the best coaches in London. We train hard, perform well and focus on the small things that improve performance.

Strength coaching is what we do

The team here focuses on coaching strength and working with clients who appreciate the finer detail of what we do. With names like Kristian Mcphee, Omar Keshta, Shafiq Malik, Noorin Gulam, Deborah Alawode and Jess Gordon-Brown, you can be assured of the highest quality tips, advice and training from this exceptional team. If you are interested in membership, find out more on our memberships page.

Strength training and the detail

The smallest things can make a difference when you’re training, and the team here at London Strength is lifting and training every day.

We get asked by our clients about weight bar collars, so we’ve put this post together, which we hope is useful.

Choosing the right Olympic weight bar collars

In the gym, we all have our favourite items and things we love, be it a particular drop pad, weight bar or location in the gym. However, the one thing we are unanimous about is our Mirafit weight bar collars. Until recently, we only had a few sets and always fought over them. So why, and what makes them so helpful in training?

Why are quick-release weight-bar collars important?

1. Bar grip

They really grip the bar. When lifting weights, you need to be confident in the clips holding onto the weights, so we choose the Mirafit Weight Bar Collars as they grip the bar more fiercely than other brands.

2. Easy to see

Some are Black with white print and others bright orange, so they are easy to find. Although this might seem like a small thing, plain black clips can easily be lost on the mats and floors in the gym.

3. Easy on and easy off

They are quick-release, so we can add or remove weight plates quickly. This is important when training as you do not want to cool too much or even struggle to switch out the clips, as this can impact your mindset and fatigue.

4. They last

If you buy collars, you really want to ensure that they will serve you well. Imagine the use they get per session and in a commercial gym environment; then, collars are used multiple times per session, per person, day in and day out. Our collars are a couple of years old now and remain tight and reliable. Fortunately, we just got some more for the club, so everyone is happy!

What makes for a good quick-release weight collar

  • Quick-release locking clamp design