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The Ultimate Training Holiday

Beaches & Barbells is dedicated to the highest quality fitness holidays. It began as a simple a belief in doing what you love on Holiday – training hard and enjoying the beauty (and usually sunshine!) of your destination. It did not take long before they were taking their first groups out to Cyprus for their first training holiday back in 2015 and since then have ran dozens of unforgettable holidays and events!

Luxury Hotels
Elite Coaching from the best in the sport

Individually Adapted

Meet Like-minded People

World-Class Training Facilities



Protein for the People

Wheyd is our official protein sponsor and we chose them because they are truly the highest quality protein available with the most competitive pricing. Giving back to charity and the planet!

Adam French, Wheyd's founder has brought hydrolysed whey back to the mainstream and made it affordable and delicious. Designed by someone with an intolerance to typical protein shakes for people with the same problem! A richer taste, a more effective recovery and a brand that gives back to charity!

Get 30% off with the code "LDNSTRENGTH"

Thank you to Wheyd for sponsoring our sister club's elite lifters (and one of our coaches) Omar Keshta (GB Record Holder) & Isabella Brown (GB Record Holder). 


Our Sister Club in NW London!

Brunel is home to multiple GB athletes, record holders, National Champions and was founded by 3-time Olympian Michael Pearman. 

Head Coach Kristian McPhee shares what Brunel stands for: What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is the consistent work an individual puts in over not a few days or weeks, but months and years. Brunel Weightlifting Club was founded upon that principle. Each of our members and competitive lifters share that consistent drive to something better than the day before. With each training session I try to instil each member with not just an extra piece of advice on their training but how to maintain it for life. It's never about how you start.- it's about how you finish.

London Strength get complimentary Brunel Weightlifting classes as part of their membership!

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